Resumption of face to face training – update.

I am sure you will have seen the news about a further restriction on numbers of people gathering socially. British Triathlon have confirmed that swim, bike and run activity and events in England are exempt from the new guidelines. Activity and events can continue to operate provided they are Covid Secure and delivered in accordance with our guidance: https://www.britishtriathlon.org/return-to-play We pleased to say we will shortly be starting up limited face to face sessions gradually, following the period of lockdown and government restrictions. However there will be a new system in place for attending sessions. All members must book, and pay for in advance via the website. There will be no option to turn up and pay cash or card as before just right now. This is the system which will ensure we are able to return to training as safely as possible. Please note section 1 is a mandatory part of the process. Members who have not filled out and returned the form will not be able to attend any sessions until they have done this. You only have to do this once. If you continue to book a session and have not returned the form you will not receive a refund. This is what you will need to do:- Complete and send back the “Return to training” document. This is a one off task and you must send a hardcopy wet signed by yourself. The document is available via this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yH_6v2ttb2fEOyM74ZJN4I05zUgrtC3z/view?usp=sharing (if anyone has an issue printing this off please email the communications officer) Book online via the website, completing the fit to train questions on the booking form prior to adding it to your cart, and completing payment. These questions are mandatory and you’ll not be able to continue with your booking if you have not answered them. Receive an email 24hrs prior to the session confirming your attendance. Enjoy the session! Whilst following all the guidelines and instructions to ensure the session is safe for all. As soon as sessions become available on the website we will inform members via email and social media channels.

Club hill climb and time trial

Dates for your dairies Norwood Hill Climb 2nd September starting at 1830. Time Trial V212 course close to Boroughbridge 6th September starting at 1000. Cost £5 per event. Both events will have a limited number of places, we are currently finalising details, booking opens 1800 on Thursday 27th August. You must have completed and returned the ‘Returning to Training’ questionnaire prior to booking and you should ensure you read, understand and are able to comply with all the Terms and Conditions as there will be no refunds.

Return to training compulsory questionnaire

In order to help the club return to sessions and activities, British Triathlon requires us to appoint a Covid Officer to oversee this takes place in a Covid secure manner. Committee members Nicky Roughton and Julie Weatherall have taken on this role and are working hard on your behalf to make it happen. All members will have received a ‘Returning to Training Questionnaire’ via email on Monday 17th August. This is a mandatory part of the process and will ensure that you are able to sign up to club run sessions and activities as and when they become available. Please complete and return to the address provided. Please support them, and respect their decision making. LBT Committee

Important club update

Dear Members This year has been financially challenging for the club, and the committee has worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic to ensure we can meet our financial obligation and continue to operate as a club. In particular the club owes a huge debt of gratitude to our friends at Otley Sailing Club for their generosity and understanding during these difficult times. However, it has become clear that we will not be able to run Open Water Swimming this year given – The limited time amount of time remaining in the open water session The cost implications of attempting to run an open water session, with extremely limited numbers permitted to attend. The amount of time it would take to put in place measures to make these sessions Covid Secure. We believe that our efforts would be better concentrated on looking to restart other club sessions and activities that will run through winter and see us ready to take on the challenges of the 2021 session. Going forward the cancellation of Ilkley Triathlon which we as a committee support, leaves a massive hole in the club’s finance and means that we can no longer subsidies club sessions and activities for the foreseeable future. Going forward we have no alternative but to ensure all our sessions and activities are run on a break even basis, and ideally make a minimal profit to ensure the financial stability of the club going forward. This will inevitably see an increase in sessions fees, with the likelihood that there will no longer be a universal session fee but rather different sessions will be charged at different rates to reflect their true costs We are working hard with our facility providers to understand the measures we need to put in place to slowly restart club sessions and activities as and when venues become available, and we are hoping that we will be in a position to announce them to you in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, please take the time to complete this short survey which will enable us to make informed decisions around sessions and activities. If you could complete this survey within the next two weeks it would be greatly appreciated. Participation Survey Click here. Thank you for your ongoing support. Stay safe, LBT Committee.

Club position regarding open water swimming

Following the governments recent relaxation of lockdown, which enables certain outdoor activities to recommence there has been speculation on various platforms as to when LBT’s open water swimming sessions will start. As a committee we understand your desire to get back in the water, but LBT will not be starting open water swimming sessions at the moment for the following reasons – We are a club that operates under British Triathlon’s governance and guidance, as such all club activities are suspended until July 4th (and subject to 1 week rolling review thereafter). Our insurance is provided by affiliation to British Triathlon, if we were to deviate from their stated position we would immediately invalidate our insurance. When British Triathlon’s position changes and they permit club activities to restart there will be significant hurdles and challenges to overcome to enable open water swimming to commence whilst complying with government guidance and social distancing. LBT’s open water swimming sessions have some unique challenges, including – The large number of volunteers required to safely run sessions, typically 10. These volunteers would have to be willing to actively participate in the evacuation of a casualty from the water. Qualified first aid volunteers who are willing to come into close contact with a casualty. The club will need to source and purchase appropriate PPE for all volunteers All equipment used during sessions will require cleaning and sanitizing, this will require us to purchase equipment and supplies, as well as develop processes to facility it. There is currently no access to the club house at the Sailing Club, as a result there is no toilet or changing facilities available. There will be a reduction in the number of people able to swim at each session. As a result session cost will increase significantly in order to make them financially viable. The water will require testing and the results received to confirm that the lake is safe, before any swimming can commence. There also does not appear to be any clear research / opinion as to whether COVID 19 is transmissible in water. The revision of risk assessment, standard operation procedures and emergency evacuation plans in light of COVID 19, and available advice. As a committee we are working hard to try and find solutions, and prepare for the time when LBT’s open water swimming sessions can restart, but they can only do so when – We as a committee feel they can be run in a safe manner that does not pose a risk to our volunteers who we depend upon to deliver these sessions, or those participating in them. The operation of the sessions is unlikely to place a burden on our overstretched emergency services. Club activities are sanctioned and insured by British Triathlon.   Take care and stay safe   LBT Committee

Monthly Duathlon now up and ‘running’!

Following the success of the Duathlon in May will we now run this virtual competition monthly for the foreseeable. 5km Run, 20km Bike, 2.5km Run: anytime, anywhere. facebook event page here or you can email your result to communications.officer@lbt.org.uk Rules: 1 – Road, trail, treadmill or turbo. 2 – Run 1 & Bike to start & finish at the same transition but Run 2 can finish anywhere. 3 – Time your full event including transitions 4 – To be completed before midnight Tuesday 30th June 5 – Enter as many times as you like, fastest time to count. Times: Please post your overall time and activity splits, including transitions in this Facebook thread. – Any screen shots, photos of your watch etc will do. – Please indicate if you used a turbo or treadmill. – Plus your age and gender. Results – Monthly and on going league results – Bonus kudos for photos of you in action in your LBT kit. ** Please continue to exercise & compete responsibly & safely. **

Virtual Sprint Duathlon for May!

The LBT Virtual Sprint Duathlon – May 2020 is now live!! 5km Run, 20km Bike, 2.5km Run: anytime, anywhere. Rules: 1 – Road, trail, treadmill or turbo. 2 – Run 1 & Bike to start & finish at the same transition but Run 2 can finish anywhere. 3 – Time your full event including transitions 4 – To be completed before midnight Sunday 31st May. 5 – Enter as many times as you like, fastest time to count. Times: Please post your overall time and activity splits, including transitions on the facebook thread which is pinned in the group page. We know Strava isn’t very good at ‘multi-sport (Garmin is better) so: – Any screen shots, photos of your watch etc will do. – Please indicate if you used a turbo or treadmill. – Plus your age and gender. If you are not on facebook reply via email to communications.officer@lbt.org.uk Results – Age group categories for the results – Bonus kudos for photos of you in action in your LBT kit. If you enjoy the competition we’ll go again in June and can refine things if needed. ************************ VERY IMPORTANT Please be safe for everyone and take no unnecessary risks. This is just a bit of fun and exercise. Please please run/ride individually and keep your distance from other people at all times. Plan your route to make sure you are social distancing. Stop to avoid people if you have to and wait. Be particularly aware when you are out on your bike. Many drivers and pedestrians seem to have forgotten that cyclists exist. **If anyone has any concerns surrounding this please drop me a personal message.**

Club Position in regards to open water swimming

As a result of the Governments recent revision of lockdown, press reports and speculation on social media; it seems appropriate to state the club’s position in respect of Open Water Swimming. Having reviewed Government, British Triathlon and other governing body guidance; along with the current position our partner organisations have adopted. We will not be starting Open Water Swimming, now or in the foreseeable future. As a committee we appreciate that you will find this hugely disappointing and be assured it is not a decision we have taken lightly, however at this time it would not be feasible or safe for those participating or running these sessions within current guidelines. We will continue to review the situation as and when new guidance and information is issued. The lake at Otley is not available for members to use independently, and should members choose to make their own arrangements and go ‘wild swimming’ we would urge you to act in a socially responsible manner and consider the implications of your actions. Many of us would regard ourselves as experienced open water swimmers, but that does not make us immune from getting into difficulty. If this were to happen you would be putting other people at risk and require the support of the emergency services at a time when they are already at their operational limit. These are frustrating times for everyone, but now is the time for us to all act selflessly and not selfishly. Take care and stay safe The LBT Committee

Covid-19 Chairman’s Update

Dear Member, The last few weeks have been strange and challenging for everyone, and things are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Be assured that the committee are working hard to find ways of delivering an alternative club program, with a number of sessions going online and various club challenges in the pipeline – see below for the current offering we are able to deliver.. We are very much feeling our way and if you have any ideas/suggestions or things from other clubs you are involved in that we could ‘borrow’ please send me an email – club.chairman@lbt.org.uk or PM me via Facebook. We are also looking to the future, when things start to return to normality; this will undoubtedly be a slow, staggered process with safety, logistical and financial challenges all having to be addressed before sessions can restart. It is conceivable that some sessions will not take place this year (open water swimming) or be restarted for a considerable period of time. Ilkley Triathlon has always been critical to the club’s ongoing financial stability, this year more than ever. We are working hard to ensure that this year’s event goes ahead and I would urge you all to pencil September 20th in your diaries as the day you volunteer and help your club. Without volunteers this event will not go ahead, and without this event, there will be a significant impact on the cost and sessions the club is able to offer. I appreciate that much of the above is potentially not what you what to hear at the moment, however, we felt it was important to be open and transparent with our membership at the earliest possible juncture. I am confident that by being prudent and working together as a club we will overcome the challenges we face at the moment. For the time being it is critical that whilst trying to train we act responsibly within the current guidelines, supporting each other by staying in contact by using your preferred remote method; but most importantly Stay Safe Carl Akeroyd Club Chair   What can we currently offer:- Monday: Zwift ride 20:00 Tuesday: Coached Turbo 18:30 (using Zoom) Wednesday: Yoga 19:00 (Using Zoom), Zwift ride 20:00 Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Zwift ride 9:00 Sunday: Zwift ride 20:00 Anytime: parkrun league – post your best 5k for the month Club hill climb – 1hr of climbing running or cycling Strength and conditioning For an invite to the zwift rides follow Andrew Willis, Richard Ellis Tri or Neil Holloway – we have also added a ‘discord’ channel to improve the experience. Discord is an app that allows users to chat to each other whilst they ride. Allan Dodds has kindly put together a step by step guide for this which can be found here.

Club donates water bottles to Covid-19 NHS staff

Over last week the club have been able to play a small part in helping the fight against Covid-19 by donating our entire supply of water bottles for staff working in the ICU departments of St James hospital Leeds and the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Thank you for the good work you continue to do. The club are running regular swift rides, yoga on Wednesdays and you can still take part in our now virtual ‘parkrun’ league. Stay safe everyone.