Getting started on Zwift:

Zwift’s guide can be found here.

After a seven day free trial you need a monthly subscription to Zwift. This is currently £12 and can be cancelled at any time.

You will need either a smart trainer or ‘tripod’ type trainer with a rear wheel speed/cadence sensor. You can find more information here.

You can access Zwift via a PC or smartphone. You can download the Zwift Companion App, which allows you to view upcoming rides, find other Zwifters and sign up for meetups.

We currently have LBT rides of differing formats arranged by:

Richard Ellis Tri

Neil Holloway LBT-QA

Andrew Willis LBT

If you request to follow one or all of us, we can then invite you to the LBT sessions! Once you’ve signed up for a ride you should see the option to join the ride 10 minutes before the event start. You’ll be able to ride along with other LBT members, chat via message, wave etc. There are a range of rides available from interval sessions, group rides and organised races.