Virtual Sprint Duathlon for May!

The LBT Virtual Sprint Duathlon – May 2020 is now live!!
5km Run, 20km Bike, 2.5km Run: anytime, anywhere.
1 – Road, trail, treadmill or turbo.
2 – Run 1 & Bike to start & finish at the same transition but Run 2 can finish anywhere.
3 – Time your full event including transitions
4 – To be completed before midnight Sunday 31st May.
5 – Enter as many times as you like, fastest time to count.
Please post your overall time and activity splits, including transitions on the facebook thread which is pinned in the group page. We know Strava isn’t very good at ‘multi-sport (Garmin is better) so:
– Any screen shots, photos of your watch etc will do.
– Please indicate if you used a turbo or treadmill.
– Plus your age and gender.

If you are not on facebook reply via email to

– Age group categories for the results
– Bonus kudos for photos of you in action in your LBT kit.
If you enjoy the competition we’ll go again in June and can refine things if needed.

Please be safe for everyone and take no unnecessary risks. This is just a bit of fun and exercise.
Please please run/ride individually and keep your distance from other people at all times.
Plan your route to make sure you are social distancing. Stop to avoid people if you have to and wait.
Be particularly aware when you are out on your bike. Many drivers and pedestrians seem to have forgotten that cyclists exist.
**If anyone has any concerns surrounding this please drop me a personal message.**