LBT Website Updated

Our club website has had a major overhaul.

We have brand new pages that outline our Swim, Bike, Run offerings. Each section includes an introduction to the various things we do such as pool swimming, Time Trials, parkrun League, and yoga. There’s also a dedicated page that goes into detail about Open Water Swimming. This should be a great place for new members to get a better understanding of what’s available from LBT.

Every other page has been reviewed and updated. Highlights of the changes include:

● Clearer options within ‘Training & Events’
Calendar updated to include all upcoming events
● Social media feeds are now working & displayed on the Homepage.
● Direct links to our club kit suppliers and bike box hire.
● Footer links to our Constitution and our Welfare, Equality and Clean Sport policies.
● Links to LBT Junior Aquathlon and Ilkley Tri from the menus.
If you have any feedback or suggestions please email