Club Position in regards to open water swimming

As a result of the Governments recent revision of lockdown, press reports and speculation on social media; it seems appropriate to state the club’s position in respect of Open Water Swimming. Having reviewed Government, British Triathlon and other governing body guidance; along with the current position our partner organisations have adopted. We will not be starting Open Water Swimming, now or in the foreseeable future. As a committee we appreciate that you will find this hugely disappointing and be assured it is not a decision we have taken lightly, however at this time it would not be feasible or safe for those participating or running these sessions within current guidelines. We will continue to review the situation as and when new guidance and information is issued. The lake at Otley is not available for members to use independently, and should members choose to make their own arrangements and go ‘wild swimming’ we would urge you to act in a socially responsible manner and consider the implications of your actions. Many of us would regard ourselves as experienced open water swimmers, but that does not make us immune from getting into difficulty. If this were to happen you would be putting other people at risk and require the support of the emergency services at a time when they are already at their operational limit. These are frustrating times for everyone, but now is the time for us to all act selflessly and not selfishly. Take care and stay safe The LBT Committee