Covid-19 Chairman’s Update

Dear Member, The last few weeks have been strange and challenging for everyone, and things are likely to remain so for the foreseeable future. Be assured that the committee are working hard to find ways of delivering an alternative club program, with a number of sessions going online and various club challenges in the pipeline – see below for the current offering we are able to deliver.. We are very much feeling our way and if you have any ideas/suggestions or things from other clubs you are involved in that we could ‘borrow’ please send me an email – club.chairman@lbt.org.uk or PM me via Facebook. We are also looking to the future, when things start to return to normality; this will undoubtedly be a slow, staggered process with safety, logistical and financial challenges all having to be addressed before sessions can restart. It is conceivable that some sessions will not take place this year (open water swimming) or be restarted for a considerable period of time. Ilkley Triathlon has always been critical to the club’s ongoing financial stability, this year more than ever. We are working hard to ensure that this year’s event goes ahead and I would urge you all to pencil September 20th in your diaries as the day you volunteer and help your club. Without volunteers this event will not go ahead, and without this event, there will be a significant impact on the cost and sessions the club is able to offer. I appreciate that much of the above is potentially not what you what to hear at the moment, however, we felt it was important to be open and transparent with our membership at the earliest possible juncture. I am confident that by being prudent and working together as a club we will overcome the challenges we face at the moment. For the time being it is critical that whilst trying to train we act responsibly within the current guidelines, supporting each other by staying in contact by using your preferred remote method; but most importantly Stay Safe Carl Akeroyd Club Chair   What can we currently offer:- Monday: Zwift ride 20:00 Tuesday: Coached Turbo 18:30 (using Zoom) Wednesday: Yoga 19:00 (Using Zoom), Zwift ride 20:00 Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Zwift ride 9:00 Sunday: Zwift ride 20:00 Anytime: parkrun league – post your best 5k for the month Club hill climb – 1hr of climbing running or cycling Strength and conditioning For an invite to the zwift rides follow Andrew Willis, Richard Ellis Tri or Neil Holloway – we have also added a ‘discord’ channel to improve the experience. Discord is an app that allows users to chat to each other whilst they ride. Allan Dodds has kindly put together a step by step guide for this which can be found here.

Club donates water bottles to Covid-19 NHS staff

Over last week the club have been able to play a small part in helping the fight against Covid-19 by donating our entire supply of water bottles for staff working in the ICU departments of St James hospital Leeds and the Bradford Royal Infirmary. Thank you for the good work you continue to do. The club are running regular swift rides, yoga on Wednesdays and you can still take part in our now virtual ‘parkrun’ league. Stay safe everyone.