All new novice swim session added

At the club we are always trying to help our members improve. We’ve identified more and more members who need some pointers as they start to learn the basics of swimming front crawl. Whilst we cannot teach our members how to swim (this is a specialist role and we have coaches within the club who can offer this service) those that can just about manage 200m will benefit from our newly introduced sessions dedicated just for them. They will be at 8:15 after the main set on Wednesday night at the Chippendale pool, and lane 1 of the Grammar School session, 7-8pm on Friday nights. Of course all our sessions are still offer something for everyone and we still have our Wednesday morning 1hr and 30 minute session for our ‘fast’ members at the John Charles Centre for Sport. Swimmers here must be able to complete 400m in under 8 minutes.