Club Kit


The club can provide the following types of kit to members.

We have partnered with Chevin Cycles for supply of race kit. Casual kit and running vests are obtained using the processes noted in the sections above. Everything is LBT branded and manufactured to a high quality standard.

**NEW FOR 2016**
We now have a mud flap design to brighten up winter rides. Check out the design below from Adam Connell, Have you seen the flaps made for the Alba Rosa cycling club?
The flap attaches to your rear mudguard, and stops the the road spray from your wheel hitting your club mate in the face, while adding a personalised touch to your bike with the club logo. There is a video of how the flap looks when riding on the facebook page: TopFlaps, click the button at the top of the page.

If you would like to buy a Flap - you can pre order one here for £9.60: - The flaps will be ready by the 21st of January.