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By Club Training on 07/02/2013 17:04

Having been working on speed development over the past month. The next four sessions will start to include more sustained/ slower paced swimming.

The main set integrates steady paced longer swims with shorter quicker swims. The purpose of the longer swims is to recover. Swimmers should try to maintain the same pace throughout the shorter swims.

Post on behalf of Alan Smith.

By Club Training on 30/01/2013 20:37

This weeks session is a repeat of the first week of this year, which will give you a chance to see how much progression you've made. Before anyone pulls me up on this, clearly this is only applicable if you have attended the first one but you should have some idea of your 100m times by now? (you do have don't you?).

On the main set there is plenty of rest, this is deliberate. The goal is to go hard but not so hard that you cannot maintain good form - so P'nG, T/T or Fast Turns and centered head - holding a narrow balanced stroke - and then sustaining it !!!

Hard Even Paced Reps with No Drop Off

Regards, Francis.


By Club Training on 25/01/2013 08:24

 This weeks session will again build on the work we have done since the start of the year - Pace Awareness.

It would be helpful for you to remind yourselves of the "target" times you have been achieving over the last couple of weeks, prior to the session. The trick is to hit your time consistently throughout the session, rather than going too quick and fading.

Alan is away, so you've got me again to lecture you; hard luck folks.

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